Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inconsequential Dreams’

Inconsequential Dreams by Sean Phelan
artist statement
I’m a self-taught artist whos been drawing for all of his life making use of all sorts of media and subject matter but I’ve settled on drawing ‘dark’ and ‘semi-erotic’ imagery about a decade ago.(after recovering from a ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’ that came close to killing me)
I’m retired,classed as being ‘disabled’,well-read,talkative,and not thought of as being a ‘nice’ person. ( I’m actually quite well-mannered and polite but I won’t suffer fools gladly )
My drawings certainly aren’t ‘for everybody’ (and they’re most especially not for children ) but every one of them has its own story (which I might explain privately if anyones interested in hearing it) and all of them are unique.
I’m indebted to Strawberries,Ellamental,Glitterfest,and Jessica for choosing to exhibit my drawings in their gallery!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Post Existential Visions By Suddenjim

Artist Statement:
I am an avid, amateur photographer who resides in Texas, just south of Houston. I’m not necessarily attuned to a particular style or genre as yet, there are just so many things I’m learning and enjoying and see no reason to limit myself.

I begin taking photography seriously about 4 years ago and from what I can tell from a personal review of my work have advanced my abilities on an on-going basis.  I’ve done this through discussions with other photographers, observing other’s efforts and creations, trial and error and reading, reading and reading. I truly believe my association with Redbubble was the turning point in my creative, artistic and photographic progression.
To me photography is an opportunity to not only express my creative desires but more importantly a vehicle for self-discovery and expression. There is so much to see if one only takes the moment to look, so much to learn if one is willing to let go and explore. I suppose my quest is to bring what is on the inside in concert with what is on the outside.

The works in this gallery are in some ways a reflection of my attempt to reconcile what I see with what I feel in a purely artistic manner.  Some images are pure speculation and a result of some spontaneous blink in time. Others are merely an attempt to please the viewer and solicit some connection them and my efforts. I will let the view decide which is which.

The majority of my work has been taken with a Canon 550D. I typically use Adobe CS3 and PaintShop Pro X3, and on occasion use Picasa to tweak here and there. All depends on what I’m trying to portray as to what I will use.

A sincere appreciation to Strawberries, Ellamental, Glitterfest and Jessica for selecting my works for exhibition on RB.

Friday, September 9, 2011

OPENING EXHIBITION: Seduced by the Scent of Nightshade

"Seduced by the Scent of Nightshade"
    digital artist; Prelandra

My name is Alyssa Hedrick, I go by the name Prelandra. Alyssa is from earth, our world. But Prelandra… she was born in another. She was the piece of my soul who felt she never belonged here. She was flying through the cosmos while Alyssa was simply staring at the clouds above her.
I started making digital artworks in 2004 once I learned how to use Photoshop in a graphic art class I took my senior year. It began as playing around, typical –horrible- editing to photos and it seemed to progress the more I learned- and soon I fell in love with it. I then started to take my own photos so I could make art for friends. I also had photos taken of me so I could place myself into the imaginary worlds I was creating as well as turn myself into other creatures. All of my art is for fun, purely for pleasure. It makes me happy as well as my friends whom I have made some art for as well.
My works have ranged from dark, grotesque, bloody and gothic to colorful, happy, magical and space oriented. It all depends on my mood while I am making the art, and of course what music I am blasting into my ears to erase the world around me- and help me focus on the one in front of me being born. I won’t lie, I have found a good cure for when my self-esteem is faltering… get dressed up and take some photos, then turn them into art. Erase the bland reality and splatter my own across the empty canvas. It really does wonders to see yourself as something new, different. To be the mermaid on the rock, instead of some unknown face. To be the warrior in a battle stance, facing a world of star fire. It is fun. Simple as that. I never grew out of my girly childhood ‘dress up’ phase. It merely evolved.

"The Lost World "

"In Strict Confidence"

"The One With Splendor"

"Prelandra's Power"


"Lunar Spells"

"Soon the Dusk We all Embrace"

"Temporal Calamity"

"The Goddess Calls To Me"

"It Took The Night To Believe"

"Darkness Willl Hasten To Devour"

"Leaving you will be like The burden of death"