Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inconsequential Dreams’

Inconsequential Dreams by Sean Phelan
artist statement
I’m a self-taught artist whos been drawing for all of his life making use of all sorts of media and subject matter but I’ve settled on drawing ‘dark’ and ‘semi-erotic’ imagery about a decade ago.(after recovering from a ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’ that came close to killing me)
I’m retired,classed as being ‘disabled’,well-read,talkative,and not thought of as being a ‘nice’ person. ( I’m actually quite well-mannered and polite but I won’t suffer fools gladly )
My drawings certainly aren’t ‘for everybody’ (and they’re most especially not for children ) but every one of them has its own story (which I might explain privately if anyones interested in hearing it) and all of them are unique.
I’m indebted to Strawberries,Ellamental,Glitterfest,and Jessica for choosing to exhibit my drawings in their gallery!

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